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Quick Performance Hacks for Everyday Life

  Time may arguably be our most precious, yet difficult commodity to manage. Time spent distributing our personality, efforts, and energy to our friends, family, colleagues and children can be a daunting task. If we do not carefully oversee how we are expending our energy as well as making a[…]

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Importance of Warming Up Before Exercise

Warming Up Well: The Foreplay of Exercise

Since a young age, we have been told to always “stretch before play.” Parents and coaches have drilled into our minds time and time again to do our toe touches, butterflies, etc. With changing times, there has been much speculation around what a proper warm up should look like. Through[…]

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Overtraining: Fact Or Fiction?

We all have influences as to why we would like to reach an optimal level of health. For one person it may be to reach a kick ass beach body to instill a deeper root of confidence in their lives, while for the next it may mean to be able to perform day-to-day tasks as efficiently as possible. One thing that all goals have in common is this. They start off as an extrinsic target, that is until they are associated with a habit that can no longer be endured…

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Why Fad Diets Don’t Work In The Long Run: An Approach To Long Term Health And Behavior Change

Healthy eating. Easier said than done for a majority of us. But what exactly is healthy eating? We have been programmed for years to consume at our convenience, in turn leading to the nature of poor habit. These habits pose a tantalizing notion to our health and its sustainability, thus requiring some sort of behavior change or reprogramming of what we have been taught…

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Fundamentals Of Core Aesthetics

Core training is made out to be a little more complicated than it really needs to be. Often asked questions such as, “Can I train them every day?”,”Why can’t crunches get me where I want to be?”, Along with many others, pop up sporadically leaving most of us wondering, Are we approaching our efforts as consciously as we possibly can? After all, who really wants to be working tediously at a task with no little to no return on investment? Not me…

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