Physique Freakz Fitness

Martin Mason

As a child growing up, I was blessed with wonderful parents who provided me with the opportunity to experience as many areas of life as possible. Consistently being involved around others allowed me to grow a fondness for people and community, whether it was through sports such as baseball, soccer, basketball, or music bands where I grew up playing and mastering the piano from age 4, or martial arts, I always had the innate desire to be the absolute best at every single pursuit. However, it wasn’t until high school where my focus shifted primarily towards the wonderful sport of basketball and the strength and conditioning it demanded in order to become a high level player. My interest grew into an affinity, where curiousity naturally arose and I began learning more and more about the human structure and the skillful development of coordination, strength, speed and power. This went on for some years and led me to where I am today, to spread my love and passion to those who are curious about what the human body and psyche can achieve.

Martin Mason – Founder, Physique Freakz Fitness