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Athletic Performance Training

Athletic Performance Training


Package includes 10; 1 hour coaching sessions.



The Athletic Performance Training packages are tailored to each specific sport and athlete.

Learn more about the various athletic training packages offered:

8 Sessions Total

1. Golf Movement & Mechanics

The demands of a highly rotational sport such as golf require a high level of competency in producing rotational power, core stability and strength, and a structural and dynamic symmetry on equal sides of the body. The highly repetitive nature makes it imperative to include variable movement training to prevent any potential asymmetries and the body’s ability to mitigate force properly and effectively.

We will assess your current movement patterns, enhance those capabilities and the anatomical relationships that influence movement such as the structures of the foot and ankle, pelvis and the decoupling of the sacroiliac joint, lumbar, thoracic and cervical spines ability to laterally, forward/ backward and rotational flex, and the relationship these have on the shoulder, elbow and wrists.

A better moving body has the ability to create more power through increased range potential, reduced incidences of pain or injury, ultimately leading to a more productive and successful career on the course.

2. Baseball and Tennis Movement and Mechanics

The demands of baseball require the ability to produce rotational power, the ability to accelerate, decelerate, change direction in a split-moment notice, a healthy and able moving spine and shoulder to reciprocate the high amount of force that goes into throwing, as well as great reaction and coordination.

We will assess your current movement patterns, the amount of time you spend training, recovery and regeneration techniques, as well as your daily habits and stressors to make sure you reach your full potential.

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