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Nutrition Coaching Sessions (8)

Nutrition Coaching Sessions (8)


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Just like training, our nutritional goals and learning process must be a progressive one. Our belief is that there are many necessary areas of focus to building and sustaining a healthy diet, and our coaching will delve into the pillars conducive to a strong building of habits.


This package will be for those looking to commit to at least 2 months of coaching, with weekly meetings to further discuss progress and goal setting.


8 sessions (60 minutes) over the course of 2 months, with weekly follow ups and email support.


Areas of focus will include an in depth look into


Your environment: Are you always out, or around foods that make it difficult to make the better decision? Changing your environment to best suit your end goal is a must.


Cooking skills/ experience: Am I unable to eat healthy or in accordance to my goals because of a lack of kitchen etiquette? Building a solid skill set will allow you to thoroughly enjoy your foods.


Time factor: If I am not making the time to cook, Am I educating myself on how to make the best choices when eating out?


Mindset: What are my current beliefs on food, and what does changing my diet really mean to me? Understanding why you are doing it is just as important as the rest of the pillars.


Daily activity level/ energy expenditure: Is my nutrient intake aligning with my activity level, and corresponding to my end goals?


Enjoyment: A plan is only as good as your ability to adhere. If you enjoy what you are preparing, the process of learning, creating , and providing yourself with vitality and energy, I am confident you will be able to sustain what it takes to reach your goals.


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