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Athletic Nutrition Coaching

As an athlete, training is a full time gig, plus unpaid overtime. By neglecting the proper fuel that is specific to the demands of your sport and body, we will fall short of our true potential. Athletic nutrition coaching will grant you the ability to better understand what foods best suit you and how the quality of what we put in our mouth effects our body’s systems profoundly. Get an unfair advantage on your competitors by being attentive to the small details.

Physique Freakz specializes in athletic coaching for baseball, football, basketball, and tennis.

Marty is nothing short of brilliant and inspiring in the field of athletic performance. A young man with unparalleled passion for seeing others succeed and meet their personal performance goals. Coming from someone who came to Marty with the goal of improving baseball performance, he helped me above and beyond. It was quite a journey working day in and day out with him. He was very professional and knowledgeable in every step of the process necessary for getting me into the kind of shape to compete at a professional level, which he indeed did. The best part about training with Marty was his infectious positive attitude that drives you to keep going and never give up because you find yourself not wanting to once you start a fitness journey with him. -Michael Marlin, Client