Physique Freakz Fitness

Body Composition Training

Improve your confidence, energy, and overall aesthetic by truly understanding what a better body means to you. Movements and exercises are catered to each individual, with a wide variety of equipment that is only limited by your imagination.

Learn how to operate differently to yield the best results, and dig deeper to explore your motives. Understanding why you want to reach your goal will really assist us in igniting the fire. With customized techniques using bodyweight training, you’ll be sure to develop muscle tailored to your specific goals.

“Marty is a real professional when it comes to his craft. I hired him not knowing what to expect for my first physique show and he answered all my questions, did exercises I didn’t know existed, and provided me with a diet like never before. Although I didn’t end up placing, I am in the best shape of my life and would highly recommend him to train you for whatever your goal may be. He’s the man!” -Luis Rodriguez