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Lauren Tannehill Testimonial for Physique Freakz Fitness“In my experience working with Marty, he has been nothing short of phenomenal. Martin has really made a great effort in not only understanding how my body functions, but also effectively communicating and educating me on the proper movements to work around some of my injuries. Prior to our experience together, I was training with the sole intention of gaining strength and muscle. Through Marty’s passion and enthusiasm with training, he has provided me a new lens in which I am now more open to various methods of movement that are conducive towards providing my body the environment it needs towards being pain free, while keeping on track with my goal of developing strength as a busy mother.

My favorite part of training with Marty is the contagion of his enthusiasm. His explanations and cues are concise, and he pays a great deal of attention to the small details. I truly feel like he provides me with the confidence and ability to perform new movements, and towards a progression to the next level.

I would highly recommend the services of Marty Mason and Physique Freakz to anyone who is looking to learn more about themselves, reduce pain, and create a higher degree of freedom within their life.”

-Lauren Tannehill

Michael Deeb Testimonial“My name is Michael Deeb and I am a former linebacker from the University of Notre Dame and a current graduate student and baseball player for Bethune Cookman University. During my transitional phase from football to baseball, I have been able to workout with Marty from Physique Freakz and would highly recommend him to anyone looking to look better, feel better, and perform better. Becoming a rotational athlete required more movement from my thoracic spine and hips which I was not able to utilize as efficiently prior to working with Marty. He has helped my body move better as a whole, and has always prioritized movement from the ground up. Marty has always had a steady amount of communication with me which has helped us get the most out of our programming, and I would highly recommend him for anyone looking to take that next step in moving better and learning how their body works.”

-Michael Deeb, Former Linebacker – Notre Dame, Current 1st Base/Outfielder – Bethune-Cookman University

Juan Mendez Testimonial“I want to thank Physique Freakz for helping me get to where I am today. They changed my perspective on fitness and motivate me day in and day out to reach my goal. Although I am not quite where I want to be yet, I have faith in the journey the Physique Freakz is leading me on. In our short time together, I have gone from 225 on the left to a leaner 210 on the right. If I can do it, anyone can and these are the guys to help!”

-Juan Mendez

Matthew Manzo Testimonial“Looking to lose weight, gain lean muscle or just enhance your overall physical fitness? Then Physique Freakz is your best option. After just a few weeks I can easily say he is one of the most well-rounded, dedicated and hardest working individual/trainers you will meet. His passion and dedication to well-being and success extend way beyond the gym. Marty reaches out to me multiple times on a daily basis to ensure the quality of my workouts, nutrition as well as meal preparations. Although I always struggled to reach some of my fitness goals, Marty put me on a very specific plan tailored towards my needs and goals and within just a few weeks, I am way ahead of where I could’ve ever imagined myself at this point in time. I highly recommend him and all of his services for anyone interested in improving themselves in any physical capacity.”

-Matthew Manzo

Michael Marlin Testimonial“Marty is nothing short of brilliant and inspiring in the field of athletic performance. A young man with unparalleled passion for seeing others succeed and meet their personal performance goals. Coming from someone who came to Marty with the goal of improving baseball performance, he helped me above and beyond. It was quite a journey working day in and day out with him. He was very professional and knowledgeable in every step of the process necessary for getting me into the kind of shape to compete at a professional level, which he indeed did. The best part about training with Marty was his infectious positive attitude that drives you to keep going and never give up because you find yourself not wanting to once you start a fitness journey with him.”

-Michael Marlin

“This program is super intricate, intense, and designed for the most dedicated people. As a college student, I could definitely see a change in the way I felt physically, emotionally and mentally. The routines and meal plans are tailored to your abilities and specific goals. I highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to change their diet, body composition or just overall wellness.”
-Alexandra Cotugno

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